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Я наконец-то откопал эту инфу на международном форуме, схороню здесь копию, чтоб не потерялось.


Step 1: Divide the loot

Each monster can loot a specific amount of items.

At the end of the fight, a list is created, cumulating all items from all the monsters in the fight.

These items are then divided equally between each member of the group, no matter their level, class or Prospecting.

Note: Some rare items require a Prospecting value to be looted.

The Prospecting of the entire group is added to determine if the item can be looted.

If the item is unlocked, it will join the item list. In other words, the character with the highest PP value will not necessarily get the item.

Step 2: Get the items

Each player is now going to have a Prospecting test for each item that was assigned to him.

Here the Prospecting bonus of the player is added.

If the test is successful, the item is won, otherwise it’s lost.

A lost item is not redistributed. If the player doesn’t get it, nobody will.

Note: Items looted during the fight are automatically added to the list of successful tests.

Specific case: Bosses

Some items are only looted by bosses. To be as fair as possible, it is distributed to all players.

Each player must then pass a test with his own PP bonus.

Specific case: Resources

Resources are distributed to all players. If a single player can loot 2 wools, he will still loot 2 wools when playing in a group.

Specific case: 1 drop for 2 players

It can happen; in this case the item is distributed randomly between them.


If you and a friend fight the royal gobball, you'll break the 200 prospecting lock, but you and your friend will each only have a 3% chance to drop the cloak. (This is just with the base/invisible 100 prospecting that everybody has.)

If you fight the royal gobball solo with 200 prospecting (100 hidden and 100 from equipment), you'll break the lock and the cloak will have a 6% drop rate.

Group PP will only allow you to beat the PP lock. Whereas your own PP is counted as a bonus to the drop rate.

200 PP on your char (100 base + 100 stat/equip) will multiply the drop rate by 2.


Про мешочки

Hey, I don't have to be a Developer to explain the process of the way pouches work (not to sound sardonic, I'm trying to present any scrap of merit as a non-official).

When you pick up a pouch, you roll for each item in the enemy's drop table backwards starting from rarest. Meaning, when you pouch a Standard Bearer Whisperer for example, when you pick up the pouch the game will first test to see if you will receive a Whisperer Breastplate. If you fail the roll, you will continue rolling to attempt to obtain each item, until you fail all of the drops in which case you receive an Enutrof Prospecting Candy.

When you Purge a bag, you run the risk of breaking it (25% of the time) in return for doubling the drop rates within the pouch (100% chance yield). Meaning now, when you test the roll for an item, you'll be twice as likely to obtain something of value.

Keep in mind, for someone farming materials this is a bad thing. If you, for example, are trying to farm Cloudy Cotton from the Celestial Gobball, using Purge on the pouch will make you more likely to obtain a rarer item from the drop table, like Infernal equipment.

The person who picks up the pouch - their prospecting affects the item yield test. So generally you want an Enutrof to get the bag. This also usually means you'll want to get your Treasure Tracker maxed for the fight before picking up the pouch if possible.

Take my word for what you will. This is what an assistant CM posted on the French end, and so far I have found it to be true. When our Enutrof uses Purge on their pouches, they almost always get an actual piece of equipment pending they are the ones who pick it up.

I am not sure if the Drheller gets the players' Prospecting. I believe they do though, given how when you use Collection with a Drheller the Enutrof does the pick-up animation.

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ничего нового не прочитал:) Но спасибо за то что откопал)

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солидарен с dpoh, но все равно спасибо молодцом

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